Sunday Morning Sermon Series 

When Church Hurts.   If you go to church long enough, eventually someone will hurt you.  Harmful words, uncaring actions, or sinful attitudes can all keep us from connecting with others in the church.  In this sermon series Pastor Dennis explores how the answer to dealing with hurt in the church begins with the cross.

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Sunday Evening Bible Study

The Big Picture.  Have you ever wondered how the Bible works together to share God's Grand Story.     The Bible is the Story of God’s redemptive plan and Kingdom building program by which he would reign, save, and satisfy for His glory in Christ.  Thus everything in scripture has as its center the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  Graeme Goldsworth agrees, “The whole Bible presents itself as the unfolding process of God’s dealings with man and of his own self-discolsure to man."  On Sunday nights join us as we journey through this book and uncover God's Grand Plan.