Brief History

In 1827 settlers traveled from their homes in South Carolina in search of greater freedom and better opportunities in the wild western frontier of Mississippi and built homes north of what is now Pelahatchie on the Pelahatchie Creek.  By 1836, several of those settlers had moved further south and desiring to meet more regularly for worship and provide opportunities for their children to gain fuller knowledge of scripture they formed Antioch Baptist Church on May 5th, 1836 with eight charter members meeting in the home of Rosanah Purvis.
In the spring of the following year, the church erected an "Arbor of Bushes" north of the present site, probably on the property known as the John Varner place.
Soon after the church built a more permanent structure that was pastored by Reverent Cader Price.
In 1858 or 1859, Colon Floyd was commissioned to build a new building to house the burgeoning congregation but it was not completed because of the breaking out of "the war between the states" in 1861.  

From 1901-02 a wood frame church building was constructed to house the congregation and for seventy years the church was housed in the building.  In March 28, 1971, the congregation marched from the old building to the current building singing, "To God be the Glory".
In its 150 year history, Antioch has baptized 1,201 members into the body of Christ.  Its continuing mission is to accomplish the Great Commission and to make disciples of Jesus Christ in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world.